Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Robert Cameron...A Photography Legend and San Franciscan...

I have a precious story to share with you about the famous aerial photographer, Robert Cameron.  Mr. Cameron is 97 years young and is famous for his Above books, which include, Above San Francisco, Above Paris, and Above New York.

Back in October of 2000 I was at a cocktail party in San Francisco and I was having a fascinating conversation with the old boy about photography as an art form.  Robert told me about an argument he had in 1970 with his contemporary and close friend, Ansel Adams.

They were arguing about whether photography was an art form or not.  Robert was arguing that it was not.  Adams quickly changed Cameron's mind when he responded, "Photography is the greatest invention for recording and communicating, but if someone receives an emotional response from one of my images, then to him it is an art form."

There, you have it!  Precious insight between two of the greatest photographers in history. 

The Golden Gate Bridge from "Above San Francisco" and the 810-year-old Church of Saint Severin, in Paris.

From "Above Chicago" at the edge of Lake Michigan in a Marina.

I am going to talk to Bob and see if he would be willing to do a Podcast interview for The Whiteside Gallery Blog.  I think it would be fun and the old boy is filled with amazing insight and photographic history.

By the way, you can purchase many of Bob Cameron's magnificent coffee table size "Above" books below.  Bob's books are a great gift idea and they are great for putting on the coffee table.

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Anonymous said...

RIP – Robert Cameron. And he made his ice cubes from Scotch!