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The Streets Of San Francisco: Photos By Jake Ehrlich

The Streets Of San Francisco
Photos By
Jake Ehrlich

I took all the shots in this series with me iPhone 3Gs, which takes much, much better photos than my original iPhone. The whole point of having a camera in my iPhone is that I shouldn't have to carry around a separate point & shoot.

This first shot is great because the little kid was so cute!!!

I took this next shot in front of the Marina theater and I thought it was supremely ironic that the dude with the mohawk was sitting, reading with the sign behind him that reads "Capitalism. A Love Story."

I was having a hard time deciding which way I liked this photo better: cropped or un-cropped so I put up both...

I shot this photo on the bus, since on my way to Jury Duty. I was tripping on how thrashed this dude's laptop was, and in particular, I was tripping on how he had used duct-tape as a hinge!?!

I haven't taken a bus in San Francisco for many years and I was tripping on how many people had iPhones!!!!! In this next photo, all three girls on the left side have iPhones and they are all ADDing out on them. Also the dude standing up in the center-right has his white fashion-victim iPhone earbuds on.

Something in this photo caught my eye, but by the time I got into position to take the photo everybody was staring at me ;-))) Kind of funny!!!

This next shot was kind of interesting. I took it in front of the Coffee Roastery on Chestnut Street and I thought it was fascinating that the shop was closed, but the sign said open.

I was having a drink with a girlfriend of mine on her 37th Birthday. Actually, I don't really drink so I was having water and she was drinking a Cosmopolitan. When she left to go to the bathroom at the Balboa Cafe, I took this shot. Strangers In The Night, exchanging glances, wondering in the night, what were the chances...

This next shot speaks for itself in a wild-monkey-dance kind of way ;-))))

When I was serving on Jury Duty at the San Francisco Hall Of Justice, I noticed the payphones were removed from and I thought this made a bold declarative statement about modern San Francisco society–since everybody has an iphone ;-)))

This last shot seems kind of self-explanatory to me. Cigarettes, put out on-top of a garbage can. You get the idea...