Thursday, May 22, 2008

Diane Beeston Retrospective Announcement

Diane Beeston was one of the original photographers to have a show in the Whiteside Gallery located just off Union Street at 6 Charleton Court.

Diane is considered to be the greatest Marine Photographer that ever lived and I am very excited to announce that we will be doing a retrospective with Diane in the not so distant future.  We will also be offering exclusive special limited edition signed Diane Beeston Photographs which will only be available from the Whiteside Gallery.

Stay tuned...

Diane Beeston wrote Of Wind, Fog and Sail...Sailing on San Francisco Bay pictured above.

Diane Beeston is best known for her stunning sailing photos taken on San Francisco bay.


Sailingfan said...

Beautiful photos. I wondered if she has any photos of "Moonshadow" of San Francisco. We bought her recently and are working to restore her.

damagedone4u said...

Hi, I just picked up a signed photo of the cover pic to her book. I was wondering if you know of the value as I cannot find any info online. Thank you for any info.