Monday, May 26, 2008

Welcoming Michael McClure to the Whiteside Gallery...

I am very happy to have Michael McClure as a member of the Whiteside Gallery Editorial team as well as a showcase photographer.

Michael and I met three decades ago when we were both attending Arizona State University.  

Michael is and extremely talented photographer who specializes in Environmental Portraiture, meaning he takes portraits of people in their natural environments.

Michael took this photo of me in 1987 in my Quadrangles apartment in Tempe Arizona.  Of course the time on the clock is 10:10.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Michael McClure

Specializing in environmental portraiture and documentary work, Michael gravitates towards humanistic themes and man's relationship with his surroundings.


Very High Heel...

Series by Jake Ehrlich

Jake Ehrlich

Saturday, May 24, 2008

What a World...

Series by Taro Tastic

Taro Tastic

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Attack Of The Killer Tomato Worms...

Photos and text sent in by Jon Rappaport:

Imagine my shock when I found nearly 50 of these voracious 3.5-4” giants had decimated my tomato plants.  Only 24 hours earlier I had a vast green canopy laden with nearly ripe and oh so delicious grape tomatoes.  

Before I dispatched these unwanted guests with my shop scissors, I felt compelled to photograph and study these fascinating creatures.  

The Tomato Hornworm is a caterpillar, which if it survives becoming parasitized by wasp larva, becomes the Five-Spotted Hawk Moth (a little known pollinator of things that bloom in the night).  

Fortunately the intimidating red horn is only for show.

You have to click on these images to see the detail which is amazing!!!

Jon Rappaport

Diane Beeston Retrospective Announcement

Diane Beeston was one of the original photographers to have a show in the Whiteside Gallery located just off Union Street at 6 Charleton Court.

Diane is considered to be the greatest Marine Photographer that ever lived and I am very excited to announce that we will be doing a retrospective with Diane in the not so distant future.  We will also be offering exclusive special limited edition signed Diane Beeston Photographs which will only be available from the Whiteside Gallery.

Stay tuned...

Diane Beeston wrote Of Wind, Fog and Sail...Sailing on San Francisco Bay pictured above.

Diane Beeston is best known for her stunning sailing photos taken on San Francisco bay.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ansel Adams and The Whiteside Gallery...

Samantha Whiteside was close friends with Ansel Adams and the first show in the Whiteside Gallery was of course given to Ansel.  Samantha Whiteside first got the idea to open the Whiteside Gallery when she was working with Ansel Adams at a San Francisco photo studio named Reproductive Graphics.

The Following Ansel Adams Books Are Highly Recommended by The Whiteside Gallery:

Robert Cameron...A Photography Legend and San Franciscan...

I have a precious story to share with you about the famous aerial photographer, Robert Cameron.  Mr. Cameron is 97 years young and is famous for his Above books, which include, Above San Francisco, Above Paris, and Above New York.

Back in October of 2000 I was at a cocktail party in San Francisco and I was having a fascinating conversation with the old boy about photography as an art form.  Robert told me about an argument he had in 1970 with his contemporary and close friend, Ansel Adams.

They were arguing about whether photography was an art form or not.  Robert was arguing that it was not.  Adams quickly changed Cameron's mind when he responded, "Photography is the greatest invention for recording and communicating, but if someone receives an emotional response from one of my images, then to him it is an art form."

There, you have it!  Precious insight between two of the greatest photographers in history. 

The Golden Gate Bridge from "Above San Francisco" and the 810-year-old Church of Saint Severin, in Paris.

From "Above Chicago" at the edge of Lake Michigan in a Marina.

I am going to talk to Bob and see if he would be willing to do a Podcast interview for The Whiteside Gallery Blog.  I think it would be fun and the old boy is filled with amazing insight and photographic history.

By the way, you can purchase many of Bob Cameron's magnificent coffee table size "Above" books below.  Bob's books are a great gift idea and they are great for putting on the coffee table.

Little Big Man...

I can't even begin to share with you how excited I am to have the ultra-talented photographer, John Hanford sharing his images with us.

John Hanford is a San Francisco based photographer, and in my opinion, John is one of the most talented photographers whose work I have ever seen.  His range is absolute and his creative flair in without equal.

I am looking forward to seeing much more of his superb work in the future in the Whiteside Gallery.

This is John Hanford above in my design studio several years ago.  I actually took this shot.  John shot all the amazing images below: