Monday, June 16, 2008

Photo of The Day...

Imagine looking out your window and seeing this raging tornado!!!

Well that's what happened to Lori Mehmen in Orchard Iowa.  [New York Times]

Friday, June 6, 2008

Jake Back at the Whiteside Gallery in 1997...

Here I am back at the Original Whiteside Gallery at Number 6 Charlton Court in San Francisco–just off Union Street 11 years ago in 1997...

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Gallery 291 Review with Video...

Jim Marshall, the Rock photographer had his first Whiteside Gallery show 30 years ago–back in July of 1978.

Since then Jim has had 3 great books of his work published, all of which have been very successful.

He is currently having the largest show of his career in the new San Francisco photo gallery named Gallery 291, located at 291 Post Street.

Gallery 291 is owned and operated by Ed Carey, who is a very talented photographer in his own right.

Ed Cary in his Gallery 291 Office

Over the years I have spent much time in other photo galleries and I must say I have never experienced a photography studio that is as well designed and laid out as Ed Carey's Gallery 291.

Ed has paid attention to every single detail and left no stone unturned.

As you can see from the video and photos, Gallery 291 has spectacular views of Union Square, which in many ways is as interesting to look at as the photos on the wall.

I must say I am extremely impressed with what Ed Carey has done with putting together his brilliant new Gallery 291.

It is also amazing how much it reminds me of the original Whiteside Gallery, not just because he is having a show with Jim Marshall, but because it is so similar to the Original Whiteside Gallery in layout and concept.

Jim Marshall's photographic portfolio is wide and broad. The center image above of Miles Davis is incredible.

Jim is probably most famous for his photos of Musicians, Primarily Rock & Roll, as well as Jazz.

The following Jim Marshall Photos are available for viewing and purchase at Gallery 291:

Jimmy Hendrix

Johnny Cash

Miles Davis

Bob Dylan

Gallery 291 is located at 291 Geary Street, San Francisco, Califorina 94102. The phone number is (415) 291-9001. Email is Website is Http://

Jim Marshall's show has been extended to run through the 4th of July weekend 2008.